Vaccination Receipt to Mobile Wallets



Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. Which versions of iOS does this support?
  2. Importing the new enhanced QR codes into Apple Wallet requires iOS 15+, for everyone else please create Photo cards or install Google Pay and create a Google Pay card.

  3. 2. Which versions of Android does this support? I am getting a 400 Bad Request error, pls help...
  4. Importing the new enhanced QR codes into Google Pay requires Android 8.1+, for everyone else please create Photo cards. Some users have reported 400 Bad Request errors, it can likely be resolved by clearing your Chrome browser cache on the Android phone and retry. Sorry about the inconvenience.

  5. 3. I'm having issues with adding a Wallet card to my older iPhone
  6. Unfortunately, the minimum requirement for importing the new QR code into Apple Wallet is iOS 15, which runs on iPhone 6s and newer devices - you will need to create a Photo card or install Google Pay and create a Google Pay card.

  7. 4. Why does my Apple Wallet QR code look so small and/or different from the original?
  8. Unfortunately we have no control over how Apple Wallet displays the QR code we give it - and in particular, Apple Wallet on iOS 13 and 14 does not draw these QR codes correctly. This is a known Apple bug and it seems unlikely at this point that they will fix it - we suggest using a Photo pass or installing Google Pay and creating a Google Pay card if you can't update to iOS 15 or later.

  9. 5. What are the supported browsers?
  10. For iPhones, only Safari is supported for importing to your Apple Wallet. For Android, Google Chrome works best. Browsers built internally into mobile apps (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) are known to have issues.

  11. 6. How is my private information handled?
  12. Your proof-of-vaccination PDF or image never leaves your device, and does NOT get sent to our server - the only information we store is non-personally-identifiable information such as vaccine type and which organization gave you the vaccine. We share your concern about personal data being stored and lost, which is why we chose not to store any of it on our servers so there is no chance of it being lost or leaked.

  13. 7. Can I install Google Pay on a Samsung Android phone?
  14. Yes! If it's not already installed, you can find it on the .

  15. 8. Why is my pass not showing all 4 doses?
  16. Ontario's QR code software only encodes the most recent 3 doses unfortunately; even though the textual content shows all 4 doses. Our web site reformats the provincial QR code for Apple/Google Wallet and therefore inherited this limitation.

  17. 9. I have a Red/White OHIP card. Can I still use this tool?
  18. Yes you can! Just call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900. The call centre agent can email you a copy of the receipt.

  19. 10. I do not have a health card. Can I still use this tool?
  20. First contact your local public health unit to verify your identity and receive a COVIDcovid ID/Personal Access Code. You can then call the Provincial Vaccine Contact Centre at 1-833-943-3900 to get an email copy of your receipt.

  21. 11. Why isn't the new Apple Wallet pass green/orange?
  22. Because we now allow importing of QR codes from all provinces and territories, and those regions have different eligibility rules, we can no longer reliably determine who is or is not fully vaccinated at receipt import time.

  23. 12. How is the data on my vaccination receipt processed?
  24. Inside your local web browser, it checks the uploaded PDF or image for a valid QR code. If present, the QR code is converted and added to Apple Wallet, Google Pay, or saved as a photo depending upon the option you choose.

  25. 13. How can organizations validate this QR code?
  26. The is the verification application for the new official Ontario QR codes. For other provinces and territories, the official validation systems they offer are the ones to use.

  27. 14. Can I use the same mobile wallet to store passes for my entire family?
  28. Yes. You can save multiple Apple Wallet, Google Pay, or Photo cards on your device without issues.

  29. 15. Is this free and non-commercial?
  30. Similar to , there are no commercial interests. Just volunteers trying to do our part to help the community.

  31. 16. How about support for other provinces and territories?
  32. We now have support for the federal standard QR codes from all Canadian provices and territories (as well as Canadian Armed Forces QR codes). If you have a QR code that is not currently supported by our app, please contact us at

  33. 17. How about Apple Watch?
  34. If you have iCloud sync enabled, you will see the pass on the watch too. Please be aware though that the new QR codes may be too large to display accurately on older Apple Watches due to their screen size.

  35. 18. Why have we taken time to build this?
  36. We wanted to give people across Canada the ability to conveniently and securely add their vaccination QR code to their mobile devices to make it easier to present them for verification when needed.

  37. 19. Who made this?
  38. The same group of volunteers who created the all-in-one vaccine appointment finding tool at

  39. 20. How can I stay up-to-date on your progress?
  40. We will post regular updates on Twitter

  41. 21. I have more questions. Can you please help me?
  42. Sure. Just email us at