Vaccination Receipt to Wallet

This utility (created by volunteers) converts your vaccination receipt from Ontario Ministry of Health to an Apple Wallet pass for easy access in the interim.

Once Ontario's official QR code is released on Oct 22, you will be able to update your Apple Wallet pass by visiting this site again.

Sept 25 evening updates - Improvements:

  • Better support the use of .pkpass files on non-iOS platforms (thx samuelyeungkc)
  • Improved multiple passes handling
  • Added FAQ on how critical data (name & date of birth) is protected and they stay private to you.

Continuing the spirit of ❤️ @VaxHuntersCanada ❤️. 820K receipts processed already, thanks for keeping the community safe!


Download official receipt from Ontario Ministry of Health

Visit Ontario Ministry of Health and enter your information to display your official vaccination receipt. Press the Share Icon at the bottom, "Save As Files" to store it onto your iPhone. If you have completed this step before, you can proceed to the next step to prevent downloading the same file multiple times.


Select vaccination receipt (PDF)

Press "Select File", "Browse..." and select the PDF file you have saved in Step 1.

Reminder : Receipts directly downloaded from the provincial web site is required. Emailed copies are not digitally signed and cannot be added to Apple Wallet.


Add to Apple Wallet / Save as Photo
  • Your receipt is processed on your device only.
  • No personally-identifiable information is sent to servers
  • Source code is open for re-use/contributions on GitHub.
  • QR code verifier available at



Have Questions?

Do you want to use this tool but...

  • You would like to understand how your data is handled?
  • You don't have a health card?
  • You have a Red/White OHIP card?
  • You have an iPhone 6 or older?
  • You have an Android?